Friday, May 30, 2008

Why Settle For Just One?

With little cars -- just one doesn't seem like enough. But sometimes they can be hard to come by. And, despite their diminutive size, it can be a challenge to find the space to park a fleet of microcars.

BUB (diecast miniatures) seems to have come up with a solution. They are offering a 5 year anniversary set -- a 1:87 scale Mercedes-Benz L6600 Pickup Truck with 4 Isettas. How can you pass up a quartet of bubblecars, complete with a car-carrier?

And if that's not enough...Premium ClassiXXs has is offering a pair of 1:43 scale Z├╝ndapp Janus miniatures. Check them out at SunRich Toys & Hobby.

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