Friday, May 23, 2008

Vanity Tag

This tag actually helps me out. This car never gets the impatient honks that other Trabis get tooling up those long hills. You know the hills that sap your "ramming speed". I really think the tag boggles peoples minds long enough that they ask themselves, "Does that car really have only 26hp?", "Man, no wonder!" and before you know it, I'm at cruising speed again. In fact, this car gets the HP question at filling stations and I admit that it's actually an earlier model that only has 23hp. Of course, that was when it was new. Oh, and being pink messes with their heads too. We call it our "Neapolitan (ice cream) Trabi", having chocolate, vanilla and strawberry colors. I guess you have to be self confident to drive little cars in general. They don't exactly convey the macho image a souped up Camaro projects. The funning thing is, these cars are the REAL chick magnets. But, that can be our secret.

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