Saturday, May 24, 2008

Everything Old is New Again

A regular feature of MINUTIA (the quarterly print version) is a page reviewing articles from ten years ago. And as I was working on the next issue I came across this photo of a Nissan concept car -- that looks an awful lot like the concept car that Hoop featured in a recent posting.

Some might call it copying, others would say that great minds think alike.

Personally, I think both cars look a little "goofy", but that's coming from someone who used to drive a Crosley Station Wagon and now motors around in a Berkeley -- so who am I to talk?


Mike Annen said...

There is nothing goofy about a Crosley wagon or a Berkeley my friend

MINUTIA Editor said...

You're right. But a 6 footer who weighs in at 220 needs to have a sense of humor when he drives around in a Berk.