Sunday, May 11, 2008

Crosley Radio

Powel Crosley, the entrepreneur responsible for Crosley Automobiles really got around. He made his fortune in the radio and appliance business (Crosley owned WLW in Cincinnati, the first "mega" station, broadcasting at 500,000 watts), and was the owner of the Cincinnati Reds baseball team. (Redland Field, home to the Reds from 1912 to 1970 was renamed Crosley Field in 1934.) And in 1930, Crosley launched the first car radio -- the "Roamio."

So its probably not surprising that Crosley cars were among the most popular "Mobile Units," taking reporters to events, and generally publicizing the station.

This 1948 Crosley Station Wagon was probably the first mobile unit for WROD, a station broadcasting out ot Daytona Beach, Florida. the station went on-air in November, 1947, with 1,000 watts, and broadcasting a MOR ("Middle of the Road") format.

And Daniel Strohl (Hemmings Motor News) found another Crosley Mobile Unit at Hershey back in 2006. His find was another 1948 Crosley Wagon, this one with WTAO lettered on the front and sides. (WTAO went on-air in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1948.

If you see any others, let us know.

(Adapted from MINUTIA, Volume 16, Number 4)

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