Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year from the Microcar & Minicar Club!

With the recent economic downturn, several promotional opportunities have become available. The club was recently approached by a major sports marketing firm with a unique sponsorship proposal. It was too good to pass up, so the Microcar & Minicar Club will be sponsoring a bowl game today...The Microcar & Minicar Classic.

We felt, however, that our members would be more interested in watching a football game if a few changes were made in the rules.

In the Microcar & Minicar Classic, all the players will be driving microcars. It will be the Isettas versus the Messerschmitts -- and may the best car win!

Oh...and before you start hunting through the TV guide for the time and channel, we should let you know that because this is the first playing of the Microcar & Minicar Classic we were unable to get a major network to pick up our option. And when we approached the Speed Channel they were very interested, but had a contract to fill for additional episodes of "Pimp my Nash Metropolitan", and couldn't fit the game into their schedule.

As a result, the Microcar & Minicar Classic will be aired on the Grace L. Ferguson Airline, Storm Door and Cable network. Check with your cable provider to see if it is offered in your area.

Happy New Year!

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