Thursday, January 15, 2009

They may think it's a smart forone -- but we think it's an adaptation of the Cyclops

We were killing a little time, surfing for images, when we came across this photo on the Smart Car Pictures website. (Proof that there is a website for pretty much anything.)
They found the image on the web (don't know where), and they didn't have any information on it -- but thought it looked like it could be a smart forone.

That's an interesting idea, but as lifelong readers of Road & Track magazine, we have a different opinion. In the late 50's Stan Mott developed the Cyclops and chronicled the success of the car in the pages of Road & Track. We think this unknown car could be a Cyclops "knock-off".

What do you think?
(3D rendering from the Cyclops Home Page)

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