Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Life for this "Crosley on a Pole"

We've all seen them...the signs and roadside attractions from the 50's (or 40's, or 30's, or 60's). The cement Teepee motel, the Paul Bunyan figures, Dinosaurs. (Back in Michigan, where I grew up, there used to be a Giraffe in front of a hardware store.) Anything to draw the attention of passing motorists.

This Crosley on a pole is in Mechanicsville, Virginia -- in front of Atlee Auto Service. Plans for a new Walgreens store seemed to signal the doom of this landmark, but there is a happy ending in sight.

The guys at Hemmings tracked down the story, and it seems that the Crosley on a Pole will be moving to "Field Days of the Past", a site about 15 miles outside of Richmond, Virginia. So if you miss it in Mechanicsville -- look for the Crosley on a Pole in Richmond.

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