Thursday, January 29, 2009

Worth Repeating: Citroën 1, Joel 0

Pulled from the archives of MINUTIA (Volume 13, Number 3 - 2004):

BAYVILLE, NY - What began as a Sunday trip to the pizza parlor ended with the Piano Man parked in the side of a Long Island house. Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Billy Joel, had taken his vintage 1967 Citroën to fetch a pizza pie from a Bayville, New York pizzeria, but the accident-prone pop star lost control of the vehicle on a rain-slicked road and plowed into the residence of a 93-year-old woman.

Joel had been driving solo on a tricky stretch of Bayville Avenue when his 1967 Citroën skidded off of the wet road at about 4pm, cutting through some bushes before smashing into the residence of Maria Dono. The impact left a gash in the small house's foundation wall and siding, as well as six-foot skid marks across the sand by the road.

Joel, 54, reportedly walked away from the crash relativeley unscathed, declining medical attention for a cut on his left ring finger. There was no evidence of alcohol or drug involvement and Joel was not suspected of any crime. "What you got here is basically a simple accident," said Nassau County Police Leutenant Kevin Smith. "He lost control on slippery pavement... There were no signs that it was anything other than a minor accident due to slippery road conditions." Dono returned from a shopping trip Sunday afternoon to find Joel speaking with police outside her house. Although she had never heard of the Long Island singer before the accident, she expects him to pay for repairs. "He hit my bushes and the wall. He'd better come fix it," Ms. Dono told the New York Post for Tuesday's editions. "I'm sure he has money." His car was towed away with only minor damage. Witnesses say Joel was not exactly in a happy state of mind afterward.

Compiled and edited from AP News articles.
And Joel isn't the only celebrity to wind up with a smashed car on this site. Check out the Jerry Seinfeld/Fiat 500 story from April 2008.

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