Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We are entering a new year -- why can't we produce a microcar here in the US?

They have one in Sri Lanka. That's right...Sri Lanka.
If they can produce a microcar, we should be able to make one here in the US. (There is plenty of underutilized automobile manufacturing capacity, and lots of people looking for jobs. We could probably even make one in Detroit, or Flint.)
Micro Cars Limited of Sri Lanka has since upgraded their line, but the Privilege was their first microcar.
Micro Privilege is the first ever locally manufactured vehicle. In January 1999, the MICRO car project was initiated and aimed at providing a National car which is a safer, economical, environmental friendly and affordable means of transport for the masses of the country, where it would be possible for majority of our people to own a car (mean of individualized transport).

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