Friday, December 26, 2008

Hope you didn't eat too much over the holidays: Crosley H-Mod Racer for Sale

The "Unicorn", a Crosley-powered H-Mod racer, is for sale at Bring A Trailer. This is a great example of the "on a shoestring" racing that took place in the 50's. This car was built in 1952 (in San Francisco), and has a racing history that includes the inaugural races at Laguna Seca in 1957, Pebble Beach, and the Monterey Historics.

It is described as a "basket case", but it is a piece of racing history.

The car has Crosley power, Fiat/Simca axles, and an all aluminum body. It has been described as a racer that includes elements of California Hot Rod construction.

At $9750 it is affordable -- but you should try sitting in it before you decide to buy it. It was built for a driver considerably smaller than some of us. That extra helping of Christmas turkey could make you too big to shoehorn yourself into this baby.

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