Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finally, an attractive pair of red stilettos in size 300EEE

There has been a recent flurry of internet postings about a Red Stiletto promotional car created by Marshalls to promote their shoes. But the postings haven't all been positive. It turns out that the Marshalls high heel car is a copy of a Red Stiletto car created by artist David Crow. The original car uses a 1972 Honda CB 350 motor and running gear. The car took Crow four years to complete, and is rumored to have been in reaction to his girlfriend's shoe collection (we would call that a fetish).

Unfortunately for Mr. Crow, not only did he break up with his girlfriend before the car was completed, but he doesn't seem to have received any credit (or payment) from Marshalls for their use of the idea.

But...we know that Mr. Crow was the originator of the Rolling Red Stiletto -- and the car has been featured widely in books, at shows, and on the internet.

One man's giant shoe is another person's minicar.

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