Thursday, July 3, 2008

You Can Never Have Too Many Crosley Engines

Dan Strohl of Hemmings just caught the Crosley engine bug. It is a rare disorder that is characterized by an unreasonable craving for small, single-overhead-cam, four-cylinder engines. And in severe cases, an insatiable desire to possess a COpper BRAzed verson of these little engines.
Dan relieved the symptoms of his engine bug (at least temporarily), by walking home with four Crosley engines a couple of weeks ago -- a stash he uncovered in Stamford, Vermont.
The engine pictured above is actually a Fageol 44 -- one of several "post-Crosley" versions of the original engine. The Fageol was manufactured as a boat motor. (A complete Crosley engine family tree can be found on the Crosley Automobile Club website.)
I can understand Dan's obsession, because I too have the Crosley engine bug. I've got three of the little buggers -- and I don't even have three cars to put them in. I know I can get over this condition. All I need is...another Crosley engine.

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