Sunday, July 6, 2008

Even New Yorkers Can't Resist A Minicar

We've all seen it -- proof that New Yorkers exist as a world unto themselves. All kinds of people move to New York, from all kinds of places. But there is something about the city environment that changes these people. They arrive, looking at everything, craning their necks to see the tops of the buildings, and marveling at the crowds and unusual people. But after a while, they acquire that New York "I've seen it all" attitude. You could walk throught he city with a Llama on a leash, and few people would notice (at least few people would admit to it).

As a test, StreetsNY Channel (YouTube), parked a Fiat 500 on a New York street, stepped back, and watched the reactions:

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George said...

That's not a FIAT 500! That's just some small cheap car. A FIAT 500 is a NYC chick magnet... like an Italian guy with a flashbulb camera.