Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Fascination" The Free Energy Car

The Fascination was a "Car of the Future" in the 70's. It was created by Paul Lewis,
the designer of the streamlined Airomobile in the 1930's. The first models were powered
by conventional engines, the plans were then changed to use the revolutionary Grey EMA
powerplant. That is when the trouble started. The Grey engine was touted as the modern
invention that could change the world. When public tests were done and newspaper articles
were published about a new magnetic engine that needs no fuel, charges itself, creates no
pollution and could change the world's economic power base, the government stepped in.
The inventor Edwin Grey was harrassed and the authorities seized his engine. Reporters
were threatened with arrest if they persued the story.
Got to go now, the authorities are here.

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