Saturday, July 5, 2008

Resting and Rusting - Fiat 500's By The Side Of The Road

This photo was taken in April 2005 -- showing a pair of Fiat 500's on the side of the road just east of Philadelphia. (Audubon, NJ -- on the corner of Highway 38 and Chapel Ave.)

The red car looks to be in pretty good shape, while the blue one has suffered. Rips in the roof have exposed the interior to the elements (the black trash can liner is a poor substitute for the original top), and someone has been playing on the hood, caving it in.

A drive-by in October 2007 revealed that the blue car is absent from the pair. No clue whether is was retrieved for restoration, or sent to the scrap yard.

If you have any "Resting & Rusting" minicar photos, we'd like to see them.

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