Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

You've got us. This posting has absolutely nothing to do with the song, "Ruby", by the Kaiser Chiefs. In fact, we had never heard of the band -- but stumbled on the song as we were looking up some information on the Austin 7 Ruby.

The back of the photo identifies this car as a "Four-passenger Ruby Saloon", with a stamp that is was received on October 30, 1936 by the editorial department. (But we don't know what publication the photo came from. It is also marked, "1937", leading us to believe that this was a promotional photo of a 1937 model.

According to the Austin Seven Companion, the first Ruby was announced in 1934. "During its production run, the Ruby, its variants and derivatives must have been built in numbers approaching 90,000. These cars provided, and continue to provide, excellent and enjoyable motoring for many enthusiasts. Criticism is made sometimes of the Ruby's greater weight than the earlier cars, but it is worth pointing out that the heavier construction was to accommodate a monster load: as the 1934 handbook says, 'this new model will carry in comfort four adults up to a weight of 40 stones'. and who knows how many motorists that heavy there were about in the 1930's."

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