Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Guess the Car

A few days ago we tested your knowledge with some photos of a Syrena. (The Syrena was made in Warsaw and in Bielsko-Biala from 1956 to 1983. Over 500,000 cars were manufactured.)

So...what do you think about this car?

If you think you can identify it, write in your comment.

Good luck.


Arūnas said...

Could be German, but I have no ideas...


MINUTIA Editor said...


Not a bad guess -- but you should think "Italian". (Does that help?)

And check out the three "holes" in the rear quarter panel. Looks a little like a reverse of the holes on a 1956 Buick Special.

Arūnas said...

It could be Autobianchi Bianchina.

MINUTIA Editor said...

OK -- it's time to reveal what the car is. It is a Siata-Abarth 750 Spyder. It is powered by a 735cc, 4 cylinder, 4-stroke -- putting out 31 horsepower.