Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Maxed-out MINI


That's an image that is hard to un-see. It is clearly a product of a twisted sense of humor, coupled with some photoshop skills.

The MINI Convertible weighs in at a substantial 2,745 pounds (unladen), and we can only guess what it would weigh with this load in it.

The MINIUSA site has a frequently-asked-questions section, and one of the questions is, "I'm a pretty big guy. Will I fit in a MINI Cooper or a MINI Cooper S?" And the answer is:

"With its wheels spread out to the corners as far as possible and our plant on roof, MINIs have a surprising amout of cabin space and headroom. In general, a MINI Cooper or MINI Cooper S can comfortably accomodate people as tall as 6'7". For more information about who and what can fit in a MINI check out the Dimensions & Cargo Space section under LEARN in the main site navigation."

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