Saturday, March 14, 2009

Microcars attract the nicest people

At the risk of sounding a little sappy -- we've got to say that Isetta-owner, Mike Cole has got to rank up there as one of the most generous men alive.

Even if you ignore the Nobel Peace Prize that he and 6,000 other United Nations peacekeepers received for their service in Lebanon in 1988, Cole is a pretty special guy.

Known around his neighborhood in Swansea, Illinois as "the man who hangs out in his garage, restoring old cars," Cole is preparing to donate a kidney to a 10-year-old neighbor who has been been on dialysis for a year because of kidney failure.

The full story is on the Belleville News-Democrat website.

Cole is working on a red and white 1957 BMW Isetta microcar that he says "looks like an egg." Considering his donation plans, we like to think the car looks a little like a kidney.

Isetta image is adapted from the Flor catalog, Summer 2008.

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