Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How about a 500cc Formula III racer from 1951?

One of only two such single-seaters, the 1951-built Mezzolitre was created by Gordon Bashford, later a senior designer at Rover and Olaf Poppe who later became the Rover Production Director. Unusually, the Mezzolitre was front-wheel drive and the BSA motorcycle parallel twin engine was methanol-fueled and there was chain-drive between four-speed motorcycle gearbox and the front-mounted differential. Front suspension is by swing-axle with beam axle to the rear and coil springs, telescopic shockers and hydraulic brakes completing the specification. The car including the lightweight bodywork is in need of total restoration. A quantity of spares include a road wheel, engine sprockets, a pair of Amal carburettors on a manifold, 2 exhaust pipes, a rocker box, a rev counter and several tanks. Primarily intended as circuit racers, they made their debut at the 1951 September SUNBAC meeting at Silverstone, this car driven by Rupert Instone and it also competed twice at Shelsley Walsh and ten times at Prescott.

This car now boasts a 500cc Triumph T1oo engine (the original BSA engine wasn't competitive). If this is the kind of car you are interested in, you are in luck. It is currently offered for sale in the UK.

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