Thursday, March 12, 2009

Can A Secret Agent Drive A Daffodil?

What kind of car comes to mind when you think "Secret Agent"? Is is an Aston Martin (James Bond), a Bentley (John Steed of The Avengers), a Volvo P1800 (Simon Templar, "The Saint"), or a Sunbeam Tiger (Maxwell Smart of Get Smart)?
We got to thinking about cars and secret agents -- and with the help of the Internet Movie Cars Database, we found John Mannering driving a DAF Daffodil.
So -- you ask -- who is John Mannering. Well, he is an antiques dealer and undercover agent working in an informal capacity for the head of the fictional British Diplomatic Intelligence. And, more importantly, he is the star of "The Baron", a British television series from 1965/1966.
Now, we are pretty sure that the Daffodil isn't his everyday ride, but this suave, daring, hero is piloting a baby-blue (or maybe it is sea-foam green) Daffodil in episode twelve. He is clearly a "manly-man" to be seen in this car -- but we like it.

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