Saturday, November 22, 2008

The MINUTIA "Axes to Grind" Department

OK...this is a new feature.

MINUTIA and MINUTIA Online tend to be relatively benign in our opinions of cars, stories and websites -- but we just stumbled on a site that we have to take umbrage with. (Yes -- we managed to use that word in a sentence ;-p)

Our subject of scorn is The Ugliest Cars in Britain. Yes...someone has decided to spend time trying to catalog the most unattractive cars in all of Britain. Why not?

While we kind of like the site, and we enjoyed scrolling through it -- we didn't appreciate the inclusion of several microcars. C'mon...Isetta, Corbin Sparrow, Reliant Robin and Bond Bug, even the NSU 1000. These aren't ugly cars -- these are cars of character.

As for the Pontiac Aztec -- that one truly belongs on the list!

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