Sunday, November 2, 2008

Little known microcars

The Huppelphepher Museum in the ancient city of Hoaksacumin, Germany has quite a selection of rare and one of a kind microcars. Here we see the almost unknown Isetta prototype nicknamed the "Beerbelly Isetta". Another popular attraction is this futuristic Autorollinandaschleppin coupe. To see these and many more oddities go to -

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Marty @ ohexpress Video & Music said...

These were on a page from Brazil, in Portuguese, this is what it said:

In this section you will find pictures of assemblies of cars made in the computer. Limber their creativity and share with us their assemblies of vehicles.

So they are photoshoped. You can tell be seeint the Issetta in the trunk of the Citroen glutton, what do you think?