Sunday, October 19, 2008

Microcars at Murphy Auto Museum

A special exhibit of Microcars, including American Austin Bantams, Fiat, and Crosley will be at the Murphy Auto Museum from October 1st through January 15th. The museum is at 2230 Statham Blvd. in Oxnard, California. Most of these cars are 60+ years old, showing that downsizing to economize is nothing new. The microcar exhibit at the Auto Museum features a 1947 Crosley pickup truck and a 1966 Fiat 600 minivan with an unusual body design that leaves one wondering if it's coming or going.

And if you are a Mousketeer wannabe, you will be pleased to know that one of the six microcars on display motored down Disneyland's Main Street during nightly parades, with the famous mouse behind the wheel. The same Bantam Roadster was depicted in Mickey's animated film "Traffic Troubles."

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