Sunday, October 12, 2008

An Isetta "Called on the Carpet"

Calling an Isetta on the Carpet?

Well . . . it's a figure of speech. Being called on the carpet means 'being rebuked or closely questioned by a person in authority'. But in this case, it just means that someone put an Isetta on a carpet. (Not a good idea if your Isetta leaks as many fluids as my Berkeley does.)

But the folks at FLOR, a manufacturer of carpet tiles decided that a picture of an Isetta parked on a FLOR carpet would look a whole lot more interesting than just a picture of the carpet tiles. (They also have a picture of a Corvette -- but we prefer the bubble car.)

Just another blatent example of exploiting our little cars for commercial gain. But hey, we like it!


Patrick said...

there is a better report here:

did you steal this from them?

MINUTIA Editor said...


I'm glad you brought the other posting to my attention. but I'm not sure how I managed to "steal" the story when it ended up on the MINUTIA blog before it appeared on the other blog.

I just happened to be shopping for basement tiles when I came across the picutes of the Isetta and the Corvette on the FLOR website. (I haven't seen the catalog.)

Have a good day.