Tuesday, October 28, 2008

007 May Drive an Aston Martin, But the Bond Girls Like Smaller Cars

"Bond...James Bond."
"Shaken, not stirred."
Who can forget some of the classic Bond lines -- and who can forget some of the classic Bond cars. The Aston Martin and the Lotus. (Oh yeah, he went for a BMW in one of the films, but he seems more dedicated to British cars.)
But...as much as we like Bond, we really like the Bond girls. And the new Bond girl in Quantum of Solace that opens in theaters on October 29th, will be driving a Ford Ka. A Ford Ka? Camille, played by Olga Kurylenko will be driving a new Ford Ka.
It's not truly a minicar (the engine is a whopping 1.3 liter job), but it is downright small compared to Bond's ride.
Check out the Ka's introduction at the Paris Auto Show.

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