Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Suzie the Little Blue Coupe"

It's not often that I find material from Autoblog that is appropriate for MINUTIA Online. Most of the Autoblog features cover new cars and muscle cars -- but they recently uncovered a couple of old Disney cartoons that fit MINUTIA perfectly.

"Suzie" is a 1951 Walt Disney cartoon that features a town of animated cars. The animation of the cars is similar to that used in the movie "Cars", but the short is developed from hand-drawn and colored cells -- the traditional method of animating from the 50's. And it's a cute story of the life of a car.

It is unclear what make or model Suzie is, but she is clearly a mini or microcar, and would be welcome to join the Microcar & Minicar Club.

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R.Dress said...

This is a great short film. It deals with matters of the heart rather than the type of car she is.