Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ever Wonder How They Do That? (Movie Camera Cars)

I don't know about you -- but I had this image in my head of a couple of guys with a camera laying down on the hood of a car filming the people driving. (Don't stop too fast or we're going to lose the sound guy -- and be careful on those corners.)

And, of course, we all remember the classic movies, with the backdrop looking so obviously staged, and with the leading-lady's hair staying perfect -- even in a convertible.

Well...the folks at Autoblog must have been asking themselves the same question. The difference is -- they went out and got the answers. It turns out that it's not nearly as easy as you might think, and the vehicles used to make those great action driving scenes are quite elaborate.

From Herbie (The Love Bug) with a camera boom to a monster Hummer with a custom front end, the movie cars are pretty neat.

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