Sunday, September 7, 2008

Could the TH!NK city be the platform for the new CityZENN?

Well...we found out a couple of days ago what can happen if you get some of your facts wrong. We cobbled together a brief posting on the planned CityZENN -- incorrectly assuming that ZENN would be using components from French manufacturer Microcar SA. (The current ZENN Neighborhood Electric Vehicle [NEV] utilizes the body and chassis of a Microcar MC2.)

As it turns out, ZENN hasn't yet announced an OEM for the CityZENN, although a lot of press has covered their negotiations with EEStor to use their innovative Electrical Energy Storage Units.

We caused a bit of a stir among the folks following the activities of ZENN and EEStor. The inadvertant byproduct of all of this is that we spent some time reading websites and blogs, trying to figure out what's really going on. And as Tom Villars, the administrator of a discussion group on EEStor stated, we'll probably all find out when ZENN breaks the story in a press release.

But that certainly doesn't keep people from speculating. One candidate as a "body-donor" for the CityZENN is the TH!NK city. The company has had some ups and downs since its founding in 1991, but, as pointed out in a posting on TheEEStory, it might make sense as a companion to the Zennergy drive. In a April press release announcing the establishment of TH!NK North America, this point was made:

“The TH!NK city is the world’s only crash-tested and highway-certified EV and is ideal for markets such as California where we will initiate demonstration projects offering an exceptionally safe and fun car to drive” says Jan-Olaf Willums, CEO of Think Global.

Maybe a highway-viable electric car will be here sooner than we TH!NK.

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Tom Villars said...

Actually I'm just an assistant Admin on the site. The real owner is "b" who started blogging on EEStor back in 2007.

Not sure what contacts you guys have with France's MicroCar SA, but if ZENN teams up with TH!NK and never gets close to meeting sales obligations for the ZENN, there could be some legal fireworks between MicroCar and Zenn.