Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hagley & District Light Car Club Winter Trial 1948

The English have an interesting way of treating their sports cars. While enthusiasts in the States tend to exhibit their cars in "Park & Shine" events -- held only in the best of weather, the Brits seem to enjoy flogging their little cars -- in the mud.

Trials -- a uniquely English sport -- take place when the weather is "iffy," and on hills that would scare the faint-of-heart. Initiated as reliability trials, these events morphed into muddy hillclimbs, where the object is to make it to the top (through gates) without stopping.

And before you assume that these only took place in the past, keep a look-out for more videos on this site -- and for articles in MINUTIA.

Oh...and the significance to Microcars & Minicars is that the Austin Seven is one of the most popular cars for these events. Light weight, with a high-revving engine, they work well in the mud.

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