Saturday, June 14, 2008

The First Saab Sonnett

When Saab Sonnett is mentioned, most people think of the sleek, sharp two-seat coupe that Saab produced from 1966 through 1974. These little fiberglass rockets were powered, first by a three-cylinder, two-stroke (the Sonnett II), and then by a 1500cc or 1700cc Ford V4 (the Sonnett V4 and the Sonnett III).

But there was a Sonnett that preceeded these models. The Sonnett I was first exhibited in 1956 at Stockholm's Bilsalong (auto show). It was a two-seat open roadster, with rounded fenders. Also produced in fiberglass, Saab only made six of these pretty little cars. (Just to confuse the issue, the car was originally called the Saab Sonnett Super Sport or Saab 94, and was only referred to as the Sonnett I later.)

More information on the Sonnett can be found at the Sonnett Museum.


Ryan E said...

There is a nice section on the Saab Sonett I here as well that shows all 6 models:

MINUTIA Editor said...

Ryan -- thanks for the link to the Saab History site. It's a great resource.

The posting on the 1951 Saab 92 shows that you can still find some of these great old cars -- even if you have to go to Paris to find one.