Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Grassroots Berzerkeley

Anyone who's ever looked at a Berkeley and thought, "'s such a cool little car. I only wish it had more power," needs to take a look at the car that's being "whipped up" in the offices of Grassroots Motorsports.

Like all good projects, this one seems to be taking longer than originally anticipated -- but, because the finished car is expected to participate in the Kumho Tires Grassroots Motorsports Challenge, the budget is holding tight. (Entries in the 2008 challenge must be documented to have spent less than $2008 on the purchase and construction of the car -- labor is counted as free.) Originally slated to run in the 2007 Challenge, the Berzerkeley is now planning a visit to the Challenge in October 2008. (The added year gives them an additiona $1 to spend on the project -- good luck!)

The Berkeley, which was originally fitted with a 30hp, 492cc Excelsior three cylinder engine now sports a 140hp, 750cc Suzuki GSX-R drivetrain. Watch out!

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