Wednesday, April 23, 2008

1939 Crosley Weddingmobile

by Lori Consalvo, Staff Writer

On his daughter's wedding day, Greg Hahs watched as two of the most precious things in his life came together - his daughter Andrea and his 1939 Crosley microcar convertible.
From his garage in Upland, the proud father reconstructed the novelty car and painted it pink and green to match the wedding colors.
He also added a color-coordinated interior, a personalized back-seat cover with the couple's name, and a "Just Married" tire slip in the rear.
Because the car was so small, the front passenger seat was removed to fit Andrea's dress.
The gift was not a surprise to the young couple, though.
"We had to get her approval," said Andrea's stepmother, Kiki Hahs. "You know how women get about their wedding day."
The groom, Brian Underwood, was included in the project as well. He helped disassemble the wedding car while Greg Hahs put it back together and painted it. The project took about six months.
The "adorable" car was a hit at the March 22 wedding when it took the bride and groom about 20 feet from the ceremony to the reception, which were both at the Upland Hills Country Club, Kiki said.
"I was afraid it might overwhelm everything, but it was just a nice touch because the girls grew up with the cars," Kiki Hahs said.
When Andrea and Brian Underwood headed off to their honeymoon, the car went back to its original residence - the Hahs' garage.
Added to his collection of antique microcars, Greg has already stripped it of the feminine colors and replaced them with red and black.
It was only on loan to the couple, Kiki Hahs said.

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