Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A World of Blogs

When you start looking around you come to realize that "there's a world of blogs out there."

The folks at Hemmings have been kind enough to give us permission to use some photos in MINUTIA, and they even featured the editor's 1959 Berkeley in the August 2007 issue of Sports & Exotic Car -- so we were pleased to see that minicars and microcars are often featured in the Hemmings Auto Blogs.

A posting from just earlier today features a Crosley Ice Cream truck and a Trabant. So check it out.


uplandpoet said...

As much as I enjoy the retro thing of the new VW Bug, the new Mini and now the new Fiat 500, does anyone besides me wish they were really bringing back tiny cars with 499cc engines? Why this ruxsh to supersize the minis?

MINUTIA Editor said...

While the new MINI seems like a good car -- it is hardly "mini".
I wish there was a class of car that didn't require all the safety advances that add weight and demand that larger engines are installed to push around all the extra weight.
The Japanese have their kia cars -- and motorcycles seem to be acceptable, so why can't new microcars have their own set of rules?