Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Welcome to MINUTIA Online

Although the Microcar & Minicar Club has had a web presence since 1997, we have been somewhat slow in developing that from a "static" site to a more interactive offering. We hope to improve on that with the development of MINUTIA Online.

This site is not meant to replace MINUTIA, but to serve as an addition (or enhancement) to our traditional hardcopy quarterly newsletter. (We recognize that many of our members prefer the convenience of a printed newsletter, but we also want to provide an interactive communications tool for our more "web savvy" members.)

While MINUTIA is the official publication of the Microcar & Minicar Club, MINUTIA Online is available to anyone (members and non-members). We hope you enjoy the dialogue, and if you value the information, we hope you will consider joining the club to get the full benefits of membership.

From MINUTIA Issue 1, Number 1 (1992)
The Chair Speaks
Rob Maselko, Club Chairman

Hi everybody, and welcome to the "new" Microcar and Minicar Club! I put "new" in quotes because we are about to embark on the third iteration of what was originally the Heinkel-Messerschmitt-Isetta Club. Although I was involved at its inception, that wonderful organization was largely the blood, speat and tears of Marilyn Felling. After years of hard work and dedication, Marilyn felt the need to move on to other interests in her life, and took the HMI moniker with her. She did however help to keep the club alive by assisting Alan Meyer in setting up the Microcar and Minicar Club. By widening the format to include all small cars, Alan broadened the appeal of the club to a larger number of enthusiasts. As the M&M Club developed, so did Alan's career, forcing him to devote less time to the club and more time to earning a living. (You mean these clubs have been the result of volunteer work??!!) As most of you know, Alan has been overwhelmed by the start-up of his business, and the club has fallen dormant. Well, we are about to change all that!

A group of minicar enthusiasts here in northern New Jersey have decided that the country just cannot continue to exist without an organization devoted to the preservation and enjoyment of the little cars we so love, so with Alan's blessing (and mailing list), we have taken on the challenge of reviving the Microcar and Minicar Club. One factor which I hope will make this new venture successful is the sharing of club duties by various people, each of whom brings added depth and experience to the club. No longer will the weight of the microcar world rest on the shoulders of one individual, but rather on the collective efforts and enthusiasms of our self-appointed board of directors.

This is a special event for me because being involved with this new club brings me full circle from my co-founding of the HMI Club. We hope you will join us in making our new club a success, and help to further the cause of the unique, fun little cars we all love. Let the journey begin...

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