Friday, April 30, 2010

HOOP signing off

Greetings - It's been almost a 20 year run for me with this club
The last 2 years doing the daily blog with the editor of our club 'zine
There are over 800 previous microcar posts on this site - check 'em out
Other crazy things in my exciting life will be taking up more time
Sooooooooooo - Off to new adventures in other fields of endeavor
Still will scoot around in my crazy cars - Look for me on the road
In May I'm doing a segment for Irish TV with my Hoopmobiles
Bye Bye car club - Cheerio faithful viewers - Wish me luck
It's been fun - HOOP 
But never say never - If I've got nothin' to do at 3AM some night
I might just put up a post as a former member for old times sake

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