Saturday, October 3, 2009

Trabant Art

What is that old saying -- "Making a Silk Purse out of a Sow's Ear"?

One might argue that an "Art Trabi" is just that. Putting a lot of effort into a "throw-away" car. But isn't that what real art is all about? Making something unique and beautiful out of the mundane.

Check out the description of this car:

Exceptional Trabant whose bodywork has been entirely transformed by hand by the celebrated French artist Yvon Taillandier. One of the 6 Trabants commissioned to commemorate the fall of the Berlin wall.The vehicle was then sold at a charity auction and subsequently has been stored under optimal conditions and has remained untouched since then. The artist’s work shows no sign of wear of scratches. We haven’t attempted to start the vehicle as it's light enough to be pushed and the brakes work properly. A service to return the vehicle to the road could be planned for limited cost but till now no one has seen the need.The big advantage of the Trabants consists in their plastic bodywork which is completely impervious to corrosion and hard to recycle. While this was a handicap of the millions which ran on the road of the ex-DDR but is a distinct advantage for the six examples which were hand painted by celebrated contemporary artists. The continued stability of the artwork is thus assured which is unfortunately not the case for many "Art cars" whose bodywork is subject to corrosion of is in polyester which can tend to rot. Available in Paris with an important file about the vehicle and the artist Yvon Taillandier. Certainly an interesting investment given the trend of modern artworks to steadily appreciate (to a greater extent than for collectible automobiles). This car is available in Paris
This vehicle is available immediately. The price includes all European Union taxes and commissions.


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