Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hoba: A Czech Three-Wheeler

Here's an interesting car -- found on the "Find Rare Car" site. Check it out, the site profiles some very unusual cars.

František Honc, living in Bakov (hence the name Hoba) designed an automobile to be based on a much better known Czech automobile - Velorex.

He constructed 2 cars named Hoba I and Hoba II on Velorex 16/250 and 16/350 respectively. Since Mr. Honc had been working at AZNP factory, better known as Skoda, he was skilled enough to produce atractive automobiles of high quality. However, after two mentioned cars were produced, the moulds were sold and additional number (unfortunately unknown) of Hobas were made.

In 1979 the second, more modern model - Hoba II, based on Velorex Oskar was produced.

source: http://www.avia350.cz/

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