Sunday, August 16, 2009

Make Mine a Fast Fiat on a Bed of Salt

Yesterday's Crosley seems only mildly modified, compared to this 1959 Fiat 600. (That's is a Fiat 600 under all that "go-fast" stuff.)

Denton Hollifield, a 63-year-old retired construction worker from Redding, California decided that he could make his Fiat 600 go a little faster with the addition of a 438-cubic-inch small block Chevrolet motor with Hilborn injection, a Codelco blower and Hogan sheet metal manifold. (A little bigger than the 1,000 cc's that serve as the upper limit for minicars -- but since it started it's life as a Fiat 600 we decided to cut it a break.) Oh...and if you didn't notice, the car has been stretched to 23 feet long.

We've still got our fingers crossed for Denton, whose goal is to break the 300 mph mark -- but his time on the salt has been tough this year. The car spun on Saturday, August 8th without registering any times, and his run on Sunday the 9th ended with black smoke at mile five. (The top speed recorded was 236.950 mph at mile three.)

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