Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why so many Crosley Dragsters?

I can't get over how many Crosleys were converted into dragsters in the 50's and 60's. It's like the photos are coming out of the woodwork.
And you have to ask -- with all the donor cars out there, why would someone spend the time, money and effort to "hot rod" a Crosley? (I imagine it is quite a challenge fitting a big Chevy engine into the space originally intended for a 44 cu. in., 4 in-line engine.)
But there must be something to it -- because the one car that probably has been converted more often than that Crosley is the humble Fiat Topolino. Who knew?
The car on top is Kerry Beebe's injected flat head 1949 Crosley before paint, taken around 1968/69 at San Coble raceway. Found on the Thunder Mountain Raceway site.

The Topolino is from The Acceleration Archive. The caption reads, "Roland Pratt and the Hillbillies team are great names in the history of UK drag racing. This is their Fiat Topolino bodied altered burning out at Santa Pod Raceway. Team member Mike Derry is standing on the extreme right of shot. Judging by the way the start line marshal is holding his ears, I think we can assume the car was LOUD!"

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