Friday, July 24, 2009

Isetta Week on Ebay

Is it the economy? Is it the weather? Is it global warming?

OK...maybe it doesn't have anything to do with global warming -- but this seems to be the season for Isettas. A quick check on ebay showed five of the little guys on the sales block. All of them are from 1958 -- four 300's and one 600 Limo. Two of the 300's have "buy it now" prices in the $30's, while the 600 can be had for just under $17k. If you are the gambling type, follow them all. The lowest price (as of Thursday, July 23rd) was $565.55 -- but that's sure to go up considerably before the auction ends.

And if you are handy, take a look at the restoration candidate from Nebraska. But be the interest of full disclosure, the seller admits that it smells like a possum. Hmmm.

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