Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trash or Treasure: Minicars in the fields

I've been told on numerous occasions that it wouldn't make sense to run a "Rusting & Resting" column, because there just aren't that many cars out there anymore.
Well...if you go to "forwardlookguy's" site on Flickr you will see that there are plenty of cars out there. (Admittedly, some of them are in less-than-pristine condition.) Over 500 cars are pictured -- including many minicars (Crosleys, Metropolitans, Prinzs, and Renaults), so there are more than enough to go around.
The copy on his site reads:

All the vehicles in this set are for sale by Mack Waugh, 1640 New Franklin Road, Lagrange, Georgia. His phone number is 706-884-4242. He really wants to sell all of these before he has to crush them. Please call him if you are interested in something.
Who's going to be the first one to come home with a "treasure" from Mack Waugh's field?

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