Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A car named Stuart (Electric Microvan)

Actually Stuart the car looks more the shape of a mini mini van. This little electric had motor of 4hp and a cruising range of 40 miles at 35mph. Stu was born in Kalamazoo MI. Designed as a small family vehicle poor Stuart didn't have much of a family because it appears only prototypes were built. For interesting alternative transportation -

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jimmyjet said...

The "Stuart" was the brain child of Barry Stuart who lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
I worked for Mr. Stuart in 1961/62in hand lay-up of the fibreglass body. I believe that a total of eight vehicles were built. ("Eight" being the magic number, suposedly, to qualify the car as being a vehicle in 'full production' or something like that).
I recall traveling to Pennsylvania with Mr. Stuart to deliver one car to an electric company. The motor of the car transferred it's power to the rear wheels via a notched belt, similar to the belt used to power most Harley Davidsons. Unfortunately, the belt kept slipping on the motor, due to the motor being unable to be sufficiently affixed in a stationary position, because of the flexing of the fibreglass floor of the vehicle. I believe that all of the vehicles had troubles similar to this and, due to a lock of funds, Mr Stuart was unable to warrant the vehicles. He just plain ran out of money, was unable to pay his help and ultimately went out of business.
Mr. Stuart was obviously ahead of his time, had a good idea, but do to lack of finances, was unable to be successfull.
James Lynd, 10-14-08, Kalamazoo, Mi.