Monday, August 30, 2010

Crosley Wagon v. Joe McCarthy

When I stumbled across this photo on the Together Sauk Prarie blog, I couldn't resist posting it. It looks like the little Crosley (with the help of Star editor Leroy Gore) played a part in the "Joe Must Go" club -- a grassroots effort to recall Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy.

For the Crosley fans in the audience, this car has the chrome bullet nose of the 1948 1/2 model. But, since it doesn't have the bar grill, we are guessing this car is a CC model from somewhere between 1946 and 1948 that was "updated" with the bullet nose. (According to the Crosley Automobile Club, the bullet nose and grill bars were "offered as an option to update earlier Crosleys to the 'New Look' . Since the bars were available from the dealer you will find them on earlier CC models.")

Let's hear it for the Crosley -- and Leroy Gore.

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