Thursday, July 1, 2010

Crosley Road Trip (part 3)

It is a little clearer now. Jimmy Dwight (J.D. in most of the photos) didn't drive the Crosley to Portsmouth, Ohio by himself. He came with his Daddy.

"JD and Daddy
Day JD got lost in
Portsmouth, Ohio.
May -- 48"

Well...despite having gotten lost in Portsmouth, J.D. seems much happier with his Daddy than he was in the earlier photo (part 1).

At first we wondered who took the picture. Daddy clearly took the picture that was on yesterday's post -- but we don't know who took this one. But, looking closer, we realize that this looks like a lot of the pictures we have taken -- when no one was around to help. Our guess is that the camera is propped up on a rock or a flat spot (though perhaps not too flat) and the timer was used. (It looks too crooked to have been taken by anyone else.)

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