Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Brütsch Mopetta - A Microcar from Opel?

How could you resist a car like this?

Single-seat, three-wheels -- a commuter's dream. (I guess it would be a nightmare if you met another car, but we'd prefer not to think about that.)

According to Wikipedia, the Brütsch Mopetta was an egg-shaped, single seat, three wheeled microcar designed by Egon Brütsch (who also designed the Spatz Kabinenroller) in 1957 as Brütsch Mopetta using a 50 cc ILO V 50 engine and an open roadster type glass fiber body. Only 14 were built.

A single wheel was in the front. The car was only 67 inches (170 cm) long. There were negotiations with Opel to distribute the car, but only sales brochures were produced.

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