Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Competition for the Aerocar

If you are a fan of microcars, chances are you have seen pictures of Dave Major's Aerocar. Dave's Aerocar 1 is a BMW 600 with some "aero"dynamic modifications. We don't know what the car's maximum altitude or cruising speed is, but we are sure it can match the flight characteristics of the Delta Airlines MINI. (Dave's other Aerocar, the Isetta Snow Plane is a whole different type of Aerocar. It flies over the snow. It was featured in MINUTIA Volume 16, Number 1.)
We ran across this MINI Aerocar across from Grand Central Terminal in New York City. The attendants handing out Delta literature couldn't provide any information on the performance of the MINI Aerocar, but that looks like a pretty powerful jet engine.

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