Wednesday, March 5, 2008

19th Annual Orphan Car Tour

The 19th Annual Orphan Car Tour is scheduled for Sunday, June 8th.
The Tour will traverse scenic backroads in the vicinity of Hampstead, Maryland. This year's Tour includes stops at two private antique car collections along the route, and a late-afternoon buffet-style dinner (reservations required).
Bill and Sue Johnson are the tour designers for 2008 and they are among the elite in Orphan Car Tour designers. Bring your thinking cap and attention to detail as both Bill and Sue will challenge you this year.
The Tour welcomes a variety of micro and minicars, inclucing: Isettas, Messerschmitts, Goggomobils, Crosleys, Berkeleys, DAFs, DKWs, King Midgets, NSUs, etc. Enjoy your "orphan" (discontinued-make) car "on the road", and see other interesting "orphans" as well! For more information see our website, , phone Jon Battle at 703-392-6870, or e-mail

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