Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bring out your BMWs (Dixi's, Isetta's, BMW 600's and 700's)

The 2008 Vintage at the Vineyards meet should prove to be the biggest gathering of vintage BMW motorcars and motorbikes ever for the event. And what's a meeting of BMW's without the cars that kept BMW alive -- the Isetta and the BMW 600. And don't forget, one of the earliest BMW's, the Dixi (a licensed version of the Austin 7) also qualifies as a mini/micro car.
The event organizers tell us that four Isettas are already registered -- and they have made the promise: "I always give Isettas the best spot on the display area because everybody loves 'em."

Vintage at the Vineyards is a fun , family oriented event, and best of all it's FREE.

May 24th - 25th annual Vintage at the Vineyards, huge vintage BMW gathering, Westbend Vineyards, Lewisville, North Carolina . Oompah band, wine tasting and tours, games for kids. Event website: http://www.vintageatthevineyards.zoomshare.com/

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